Review: Read With Me Kids Custom Books (and a Cool App, Too!)

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I recently had the chance to check out a new app called Read With Me Kids. The app allows you to make personalized books for your child.

I found the app easy to use. You fill out a form and add pictures from your phone’s photo album. The app walks you through instructions on what pictures to add. There are quite a few options for story templates to fill in and customize. Some are free, some cost a couple dollars to create a digital book–I found the personalization to be good enough to be worth the money.

When completed, you are able to view a digital copy of your book and edit it further. I used the Space Adventure template and was able to add in my own images from our recent trip to Kennedy Space Center, making it both a story book and a memory book all at once. I was able to completely delete several of the template images to use my own, which was awesome!

Sample page from the digital version of the book.

I found the app to be very user friendly and it does have two sections of instructions on the home screen, listed with the sample books, called Hints for Parents and Welcome Parents. You can find a lot of information there.

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