Review: Read With Me Kids Custom Books (and a Cool App, Too!)

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Not only can read your child the digital copies of the stories, you can order an actual book with your custom story and images in it! You can order a soft cover, a hard cover, or buy a PDF version that you can load on an e-reader or print yourself. Prices line up to what I would expect to pay for a personalized book elsewhere. The difference with Read With Me Kids is that you have complete control over the customization, so you get the exact book you want. With other personalized books, you just fill out a form and they plug in the information for you and what you end up with is a surprise. On the Read With Me Kids app, you get to see exactly what each page will look like, edit the text, and swap generic images for photos that you choose. You are in full control!

Order options
An example of the editing page. You can change the size and color and placement of the text, and even edit the words themselves if you want to change what it says!

We received a hard cover version of the book in the mail a few days ago and I was thrilled with it. The quality is excellent. It’s just the right size for my five year old to flip through and the pages are nice and thick.

One other thing that I really liked about this book is that it was also educational. I chose the Space Adventure book and it was full of facts about space and planets. So while my son was completely enthralled with all of his vacation photos being in a story book, he was also learning about space as we read (and re-read, and re-read) the book! I really love how it is both educational and entertaining AND completely personalized.

Another sample page.

I’m a sucker for personalization, I admit it. But Read With Me Kids is one of the best I’ve come across. It has so many options and the ability to be in complete control of each page really made this an amazing one for me.

Want to give it a try? Check out Read With Me Kids in the Google Play Store or if you have an iPhone, in the App Store. You will need to be on your iPhone or iPad to download the app.

I am absolutely thrilled with this app and this company and highly recommend them. It’s a great gift giving option and even if you only use it in the app, it’s a lot of fun to make and read the custom, personalized stories on the screen. Check them out!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the Space Adventure book in exchange for writing a review. All views expressed here are my own and I really do love the app and am extremely pleased with the hard copy of the book. I would never write a positive review of a product I did not truly love!

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