Latin for Children by Classical Academic Press: Overview and Complete Primer A Lesson Planner Checklist!

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I had been looking for the right Latin program for my upper elementary student for awhile and then a friend recommend Latin for Children. I looked into and realized it was exactly what I wanted and what I was looking for. It is bright, colorful, and fun. It’s interactive. It has streaming options for the chants and video. And it gives an incredibly strong foundation in Latin for children who will be continuing their Latin studies in middle and high school.

I ordered it as a bundle directly from Classical Academic Press because I wanted the streaming option. You can also buy it with DVDs and CDs, and the bundle is even available on Amazon.

Out of the box, the bundle includes quite a few items.

First you have the DVDs and CDs (or a website for streaming both of these.)

Grammar lesson on the streaming option from the website.
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