Five Affordable Ways to Make Your Disney Trip Extra Magical

Whether you are planning your fifth trip this year or a once in a lifetime experience, you want your Disney trip to be as magical as possible. While Disney does a tremendous job sprinkling pixie dust on everyone but if you’d like to take the magic into your own hands, here are five affordable ways to make your Disney trip extra magical.

First time seeing the castle, so magical!

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How to Prevent Stroller Theft at Walt Disney World

In a previous blog post, I shared with you the horrible experience we had with stroller theft at Walt Disney World. We felt so violated and just so broken-hearted to have something so cruel happen to us in a place that is always supposed to be HAPPY!

Keep your stroller safe and happy at the most magical place on earth!

After the stolen stroller incident, I was very anxious as we planned our next Disney trip. I ended up deciding to re-purchase the same stroller that was stolen because quite frankly, I loved that stroller and wanted it back.  I was so scared of dealing with it being stolen again but we really still needed a stroller–my four year old could simply not walk 10-12 miles a day in the September heat of Orlando. And so, I scoured the internet for all the ideas I could find to protect my stroller. Here’s the best tips I’ve found. Continue reading “How to Prevent Stroller Theft at Walt Disney World”

What to Do If Your Stroller Is Stolen at Disney World!

My Stroller was stolen at Disney World

Ya’ll, I don’t mean to scare you. I really don’t.  But the reality is, as magical as Disney World truly is, there are still some people there who aren’t nice. And sometimes, when you are in that happy Disney bubble, you forget that not everyone is honest and not everyone has the best intentions. At almost any other tourist destination, you’d be hyperaware of being safe and careful but at Disney, we let our guard down. And that’s part of the fun and magic, isn’t it?

But sometimes bad things do happen at Disney World. And unfortunately, I know from personal experience. My family headed down to Orlando a few years ago when Disney did a special event where you could stay in Magic Kingdom for 24 straight hours, 6am Friday to 6am Saturday. It happened to land on the weekend my oldest child turned ten and we just lost our minds a little bit and drove 17+ hours down there to spend 24 straight hours in the park.  And most of the experience was spectacular, but at 3am, we parked our stroller outside of The Carrousel of Progress and when we came out, it was gone. Just completely gone.

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Ten Steps to Happy Feet at Disney World

There’s a dark side to Disney, and it has nothing to do with Star Wars! It’s all about how rough the parks are on your feet!

Did you know that most people who record their steps at Disney World report walking eight to ten miles PER DAY while at Disney World?!? Your feet will take a beating. Add in the heat and humidity and you are looking at the perfect recipe for blisters. Disney World may be the most magical place on earth but if you don’t take care of your feet, they’ll be feeling less than magical by the middle of the week!

After taking seven trips to Disney World in eight years, I’ve got foot care down to a science. It takes some careful prepping and planning but if you take care of your feet, they will take care of you. Here is my ten step process for happy feet at Disney World. Continue reading “Ten Steps to Happy Feet at Disney World”